T H E  B E A U T Y  O N  T H E  B I T T E R S W E E T

(About Charros)

Guadalajara, Jalisco - México, 2.019

Since childhood I've been around horses. I've always been fascinated with their power and humility, their beauty and serenity. I've been always trying to understand the merger between the horse and its rider. The deep, non spoken communication and link generated between this two beings. Somewhere deep inside me, I always wanted to decipher the horse mind and feelings. Is he happy with the rider?

When arriving in México, two years ago, I began discovering this very important and ingrained tradition, called "Charrería". I've been researching about it, and understanding its roots and the way it is part of the whole Mexican culture. This series, are my approach to "Charrería", the way I understand it, the beautiful on the difficult of it. All the ritual related with it, the wonderful costumes full of detail and history. The tradition on it, involving complete families that grow around it. The horses, again. Their power and beauty, the way the horses surrender in the face of their fate and respond to the riders commands. Also their beauty, when the binomial work together, and finish the ritual or competition with pride and honor.

This is the beauty inside a somewhat bittersweet tradition, for me.